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28th BP Guild

Hello and Welcome

The 28th Baden Powell Guild of Kamloops, are Guiders, Scouters, and their Spouses, and anyone else with a strong interest in Scouting.
Many members are retired from active duty as an Scouter or Guider, but still wish to be involved as a parent helper or in some other volunteer capacity.
As a Guild we are involved in helping Kamloops Area Scouting where and when we can. We can be found serving hot chocolate, coffee, hotdogs and donuts at Trees for Canada, and Nite Trek, or as a judge at the Kub Kar Rally.
Should you be interested in joining our 28th B-P Guild, you would be WELCOME. We meet the first Wednesday of each month from September to May, with June being our “Pot Luck” month at one of our member’s homes. So why not come to a meeting bringing your spouse or a friend and find out what we are about.

For more information please contact
  • Dick (250)579-5656
  • Ella (250)372-3491

28thBPGuildGuild members are mostly former Scout and Guide leaders who, while no longer active at the grass roots level, wish to continue in a community service capacity. They are likely to be older adults who have a desire to continue supporting the principles of scouting and guiding but at arms length from local scout and guiding groups. By virtue of their membership in a guild they are affiliated with the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (I.S.G.F.) headquartered in Belgium.

Guild members have made a commitment to honour the principles and objective embodied in the Scout Promise:

  • To keep alive among its members the spirit of the Scout Promise and Law.
  • To carry that spirit into the communities in which they live and work.
  • To give support to the Scout Movement as far as their other responsibilities will allow.

Even though they may perform tasks that are complementary to Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada, Guilds members are not automatically members of those scouting and guiding organizations. They can, however, be Guild members and registered members of Scouts Canada/Girl Guides of Canada contemporaneously.