Vehicle Rally Results

Beaver Buggy

1st Remi Deleeuw, 34th Westsyde
1st Carter Baker, 1st Hillside
2nd Danial Schultz, 1st Merritt
3rd Patrick Court, 34th Westsyde
Best Dressed Zoe Anderson, 1st Merritt
* A Program error originally placed Remi Deleeuw forth.
This has been corrected with the awarding of two firsts.

Kub Kar

1st Ryder Christensen, 34th Westsyde
2nd Soren DeLeeuw, 34th Westsyde
3rd Shawn Hodgkiss, 34th Westsyde
Best Dressed Ethan Trowski, 1st Heffley Creek

Scout Truck

1st Shane Adolph-Humble, 1st Lillooet
2nd Kiah Alexander, 1st Lillooet
3rd Bethany Scotchman, 1st Lillooet
Best Dressed Owen Toderian, 1st Valleyview