Area Vehicle Rally Results

Beaver Buggy
1st Kingston Mattie, 34th Westsyde
2nd Philip Becenko, 34th Westsyde
3rd William Becenko, 34th Westsyde
Best Design William Becenko, 34th Westsyde

Kub Kar
1st Layne Witwicki, 34th Westsyde
2nd Shawn Hodgkiss, 34th Westsyde
3rd David Pidgeon, 34th Westsyde
Best Design Wyatt Reid-Plante, 34th Westsyde

Scout Truck
1st Darion Delorme, 1st Couteau
2nd Levi Heit, 1st Valleyview
3rd Nicholas Fortin-Perreau, 1st Couteau
Best Design Darion Delorme, 1st Couteau

2019 Scout Vehicle Rally

The 2019 edition of the Scout Vehicle Rally will be held Saturday April 6th at the Alliance Church, 200 Leigh Road, Kamloops. The event will include Beaver Buggy, Kub Kar, and Scout Truck Racing, along with Venturer & Rover Boat Exhibition. The entry fee this year is $10.00 per registrant payable by group cheque. Please make your cheque payable to, ‘Scouts Canada – 34th Westsyde’. Fee includes a hot dog, bag of chips and a box drink. There will also be a food concession

Schedule of Events

  • 08:00 Setup
  • 09:00 Beaver Buggy Registration
  • 10:00 Beaver Buggy Racing
  • 11:00 Scout Truck Registration
  • 12:00 Scout Truck Racing
  • 13:00 Venturer & Rover Boat Exhibition
  • 13:00 Kub Kar Registration
  • 14:00 Kub Kar Racing
  • 16:00 Cleanup

Christmas Treecycle

The Kamloops Area Scouts Groups will, for the 5th year running, pickup and recycle your Christmas Tree. This year Christmas Tree Curbside Pickup & Recycling will be on Saturday January 5th, 2019.

This year some of the trees collected will go to the BC Wildlife Park. The trees are used to liven up the habitat for some animals and as snacks for others!

Thank you for supporting Scouting!