Popcorn Sales Start Now!

Parents, Guardians, Supporters and Youth

Each fall the Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts & Venturer Scouts generate the funds they need to run their programs from the sale of Scout Popcorn. As a result your youth have better Scouting experiences. We hope you will support your youth as they go about funding their Scouting programs through the sale of Scout Popcorn.

An amazing 60% of the selling price of Scout Popcorn goes directly to funding Scouting in Canada.

How the program works

  • Order your Scout Popcorn by completing a line on the youth’s Order Form
  • Provide a cheque made out to ‘Scouts Canada’ (or cash) for the full amount of the order to the youth
  • The youth returns the order form and money for processing to their section leader
  • The youth pickup the popcorn for prompt delivery to customers

Important dates

  • Order forms must be returned to the section Scouter on or before your last meeting in October.
  • Orders must be completed in the system before 8:00PM October 27th, 2018!
  • Popcorn will be available for delivery to your Customers on November 17th, 2018

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