2015 Model Vehicle Rally

Beaver Buggy, Kub Kar, Scout Truck, Venturer Vehicle, Rover Boat

Date: Saturday March 7th, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Place: Hal Rogers Centre

The 3rd Kamloops Group has the privilege of hosting the Rally this year.
The 1st Couteau Scouts will be operating a concession to raise funds for PJ’15

2015 Results

Beaver Buggies
1st Place Design – Zachary Eldridge, 1st North Shore
1st Place Speed – Ezra Anfossi , 1st Valleyview
2nd Place Speed – Draven Hayton, 1st Merritt
3rd Place Speed – Emerson Kennedy, 1st Sun Peaks
Kub Kars
1st Place Design – Kaylee Moss, 1st North Shore
1st Place Speed – Ethyn Johnson, 8th Kamloops
2nd Place Speed – Levi Heit, 1st Valleyview
3rd Place Speed – Bowen Jones, 1st Valleyview
Scout Trucks
1st Place Design – Ryan Collins, 1st Couteau
1st Place Speed – Rhea Little, 1st Ashcroft
2nd Place Speed – Scott Dickmeyer, 1st Couteau
3rd Place Speed – Blythe Paetkau, 1st Couteau
Rover Boats
There was a tsunami!

Registration & Payment

• Group pre-registration is requested (not mandatory)
• Payment will be by group cheque only
• It will be up to each group to manage collection of fees
• The fee this year will be $5.00 per youth


08:00 Setup
09:30 Beaver Buggy Registration
10:00 Beaver Buggy Races
11:30 Kub Kar Registration
12:00 Kub Kar Races
13:30 Truck, Vehicle, Boat Registration
14:00 Scout Truck, Venturer Vehicle, Rover Boat Rally
16:00 Clean up

Registration Form & Rules

General Rules – click to download
Registration Form – click to download

Scout-Guide Week 2015

For more than four decades, Scouts and Guides have celebrated Scout-Guide Week nationwide

  • In 2014, Scout-Guide Week runs from February 15 – 22
  • We celebrate this week to honour the birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell (Feb. 22), who, in
    1907 started the Scouting Movement at a camp on Brownsea Island in England and his wife, Lady
    Olave Baden-Powell, the World Chief Guide
  • This is a time of celebration for Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada – a time when two world-
    wide youth Movements honour their heritage and a time to recognize the good work both
    Movements do for the community
  • Across Canada celebrations include camps, expeditions and mall displays, special banquets and
  • grandfondo
    Come and visit our interactive display at the Family Day Festival and Indoor GranFondo in the Field House at the Tournament Capital Centre, Sunday February 8th between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. This event is sponsored by the MS Society.

    Results of the STEM and Community Competition

    First award ($6000 towards the trip to 2015 World Jamboree in Japan)
    James Watson, from 1st Couteau Venturer Company in Kamloops, BC with his project: “How efficient and environmentally friendly is my campfire?” In this project, James examines the efficiency of heating by burning wood, charcoal, and other combustible materials. He has devised a method to calculate and compare the amount of heat produced by fires of different sources and figure out which fuel produces the most efficient fire.

    Second award ($1000 towards the trip to 2015 World Jamboree in Japan)
    Abby Maddock from 7th Kanata Venture Company in Ontario for her project “Device for Generating Electricity and Purifying Water from a Renewable Energy Source”. Abby has designed a device that allows campers to use the heat from a fire that is boiling water to produce small amounts of electricity. The electricity is transferred through a USB port and can be used to charge a cellphone.

    Third award ($500 towards the trip to 2015 World Jamboree in Japan)
    Kieren O’Neil from 1st Couteau Troop in Kamloops, BC for his project “Deciphering Recycling”. Kieren developed a smartphone app to help users understand which plastics can be recycled and what the plastic resin code on the different products mean. His vision is that this app will help people learn more about recycling and will encourage them to recycle more so that less plastic ends up in landfills or harms the environment.

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